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09 August 2010

it's monday...

i woke up savouring the freshness of the golden sunlight, enjoying the sun's rays filtering through my window.

The first thought that popped into my mind was: "Thank God it's Monday n i am still alive!"

I was startled by my own thought. While the whole world is grumbling and groaning about Monday, unwilling to let go of lovely, lazy Sunday, here I was, chirping about the first working day of the week.

If it is Monday, it means the shops will be open, the government offices will function, the courier service will bring that much-awaited parcel. And life will move on full-speed. Isn't that cause for jubilation?

plan your weekend, ensure adequate sleep & rest & i think the important thing is start monday with a positive mindset. It's a few way to say gud bye to our MONDAY BLUES....or any kind of blues in life is, to think positively and preparing in advance. Approach life with so much enthusiasm, that blues get blues when they see you!

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